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14 March 2012 @ 05:26 am
was damn awesome!
i enjoyed every single second of it.

even though i'm a little disappointed that weaver didnt sing hard to say i love you,but they sang Tinkerbell,Kanseitou,Kimi to Boku no Theme song,僕らの永遠~何度生まれ変わっても・・・ which are also my favs.haha

Kawabe Toru was damn cute with his "i saw alot of animals at the night safari" and my god his expressions was damn adorable and my god he damn hyper,Okuno Shota was damn awesome in terms of his stage presence and smiling like forever& of course Sugimoto Yuji is as goodlooking as i expected him to be.haha i died everytime sugi told kawabe perfect,good job after he finished talking and even give the face like okay,we get you.haha

no wait all of them are good-looking!

& Applicat Spectra's セントエルモ was like damn perfect & the english version that they did for the encore was so so good.イシカワケンスケ,the guitarist/Synthesizer is such a darling on stage :D " do u love me?" haha so adorable and even prepared a speech telling us what they did and where they went the day before.haha the drummer and other guitarist was like loss for words.Oh and the vocalist/bassist asked us what was our favourite japanese word in japanese.haha,there was like silence for a while,before some people started shouting out words.haha

Oh i totally have to commend them for their effort to speak English,the fact that they tried so hard to find the right words to say and i mean they could have just speak Japanese you know,so yes they totally deserve claps for that :D

The handshake part drove me nuts,haha it indirectly killed me,my god their face was like so close to you i am so happy i can die,hahaha. They were in a line starting with applicat spectra's drummer,guitarist,guitarist,vocalist then WEAVER, kawabe,okuno and last but not least sugimoto. Kawabe handshake had the most force out of all of them. and sugimoto was just too cute saying both thank you and arigatou when i said arigatou to him.haha i was confused on whether to say thank you or arigatou because i started with arigatou and applicat members the first 2 replied thank you but when i switched to thank you,they replied arigatou.haha damn epic.

i think its damn nice of them to shake hands with everyone who came for that event.& i cannot forget their faces,i think its gonna be plastered all over my brain for a very long long time.haha & MY GOD THEY ARE ALL BLOODY HOT HAHA :D

i hope they come back again one day.

IM STILL HIGH,trying to decrease my tension.hahaha

because i didnt bring my camera,i had to make do with my phone.
i really really didnt expect them to allow us to take pictures freely.damn unexpected! and to think weaver even declare it on stage that there is no restrictions and feel free to whip your cameras out and take pictures and even posed for us.haha
30 December 2011 @ 06:59 am
hello people,
its been so long since my last post,
i've been busy with school and my 2 weeks break is going to end this sunday sadly ):
but this holiday was not spent the typical aishah way, wasting her time watching dramas and variety show,though i still did that,i went to malaysia for school study trip,and i must say i enjoyed myself.
Its been ages since i last went on a "holiday" and this is like the first time i stayed in a hotel without my family members.
it was a very good experience,and an interesting one too,i mean its not everyday you get to visit a bee farm,chocolate factory,tea plantation,strawberry farm,vermicelli factory and fruit farm.
besides that and meeting people i havent seen in a while,i guess thats how i spent my 2 weeks.

i know this must be weird,but im disturbed by the lack of schoolwork this holiday.
i guess im so used to spending holidays completing projects,it bugs me that i didnt do much for this two weeks break.
and im very very scared of my term test results,i hope i do fine.

i will try not to abandon this blog,but i cant say that it might take me another month or more before another post,till then take care people and sorry for wasting your time reading this redundant post.haha
09 October 2011 @ 12:37 pm

Don Quixote


Detective Conan

i'm positive there are more.
why Japan why?
what is going on here?
08 October 2011 @ 01:47 am
i am sad that it came to this conclusion,
but since it is already decided,
we cannot do anything else besides to continue to support them right?

the feeling of not being able to attend their concert(6 member)
& knowing that the songs will never be sung the same way again
but i'm sure it was hard for them to accept/decide the news,
just as how hard we fans are feeling right now about them withdrawing.
01 October 2011 @ 01:22 pm
omg its super awesome.
they look damn hot :)
oh yes,since i got nothing to do,i decided to make a super short fanvid for it.
wondering if i should make a version for each member.

here you go
05 September 2011 @ 08:20 pm
well since i was bored & had nothing to do,
i decided to make a fanvid.its just my second one,but i still suck at it.
hope you guys will watch it!

watch in 720p,for better quality.

03 September 2011 @ 10:55 pm
i had my last paper yesterday,
so i'm free like bird now!
well at least for a month plus.
i'm bored,so i would like to update you guys on my latest or not so latest favourites.
30 August 2011 @ 05:09 pm
Hello people!
been busy with school & i'm having my exams now,


i have to say this

HAPPY 28th Birthday JUN!

& selamat hari raya,maaf zahir dan batin.
i bought purple,this year & of course you should know why.
hmm its too bad i'm not going out today.

i'm sure all of you  already know,
i'm still high despite the fact that its been like 2 or 3 days since i heard the news,haha
the thought of being able to see them live,is driving me nuts.

okay thats all i want to say,
i should not be here.
i should be studying for my exams,which is tmr.
30 July 2011 @ 02:02 am
been a while since my last post,i would like to show you guys something interesting.
a video i watched during my applied food sanitation lecture this week,

caution:do not eat/drink while watching this as it is kind of disturbing.

i will do a proper post about my life soon,been busy with assignments.
school is gonna start again next week.
i had my one week of fun=spamming dramas and met up with my friends.
& this week is hell because i'm rushing through my projects.

i'm happy to announce that i finally got my own laptop after 2 years of waiting.
i know its pretty pathetic to make such a huge fuss over it,but i'm still happy.haha
finally a whole comp to myself.

hmm besides that,i'm happy to know that kis-my-ft is going to debut on aug 10 and the fact that the single is going to be released at my own country too.
wonder when or why did Johnny start caring about our small little island to have SMAP do a cm there too.
can you bring arashi here?i will be super thankful.haha

oh i'm looking forward to ikemen desu ne,because of fujigaya and hikaru & tamamori(thats more of my sister)  i'm happy that my 2 bias is in the same drama :)
for hanakimi,i cant say i wont watch since there is kiriyama and shohei and nakamura aoi oh and tomo, but i'm still not sure how to react to it.even though i loved toma as nakatsu and the dorm leaders were awesome people,oh well the whole cast it actually, i'm still going to give them a chance.they deserve it since its bad to compare them when we havent even watch a single episode.
anyways we will see how it goes :)

oh also i went to a goat farm today & a vegetable farm.
i didnt bring my camera along so i dont have pictures.
 i must say its a nice change of scenery,considering there is nothing around me besides buildings.haha
oh and i must add,goat's milk is something i will never drink again.i'm not a fan of milk,any milk to be honest,but i still take them when i'm eating cereals.

oh & i'm hooked on pretty little liars :)
does anyone in my f-list watch that show?

take care people,i will blog again next month.